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Our company specializes in building complex, custom content management system (CMS) development and maintenance.

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New Possibilities Group, LLC

1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107
Clifton, NJ 07013
(855) 674-7687

We are expert developers of secure, custom content management systems.

We are on a mission to liberate companies who are limited by off-the-shelf software, or who would benefit from the advantages of custom CMS solutions.

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What are the benefits of a custom CMS?

Picture a blank canvas, free for you to create cutting-edge experiences with 100% administrative control. That's just the beginning...

The CMS Spectrum:

Where Do Custom CMSs Fall?

The current CMS landscape is a complex and confusing one. On the low end, hosted solutions and open-source systems prevail, while on the opposite end of the spectrum high-priced, bloated enterprise platforms are abundant. But what about the middle ground, where complex problems exist? That's where NPG's services fall.

Choosing a CMS?

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CMS Spectrum Infograph

Custom CMS Solutions fall between open-source systems on the low-end and pricey, bulky enterprise solutions on the high-end.

WordPress, Drupal and open-source systems can only take you so far. Eventually, with enough customization, they will become unstable. Enterprise CMS systems cost an arm and a leg, or your first born child, just to license. Then add in a multiple of that to customize. Custom CMS solutions fall in between, an area underserved and largely ignored by the off-the-shelf CMS industry. And, in addition to content management, they can also serve as foundations for complex web-based applications.

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We build CMSs around your Business Workflow.

We understand the problem: You have a unique workflow and you need tools built around your business, not the other way around.

Our Solution:

Custom-built to your specifications for your company

We design your CMS to manage within your unique, custom web design. This means we never have to design around a platform - we design for your goals and objectives first, and the platforms follows.

Our Process

Personalized, interactive & iterative.

We specialize in an interactive, iterative design cycle and a comprehensive back-end development process. Every step of the way, your project receives personalized attention and is built 100% to your specifications.

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