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Complex E-Commerce Management

Complex E-Commerce applications merged with custom content management is a streamlined combination that is safe and secure while saving you time and money.

Complex E-Commerce Management

Complex E-Commerce

Not all e-commerce implementations are simple, cut and dry shopping cart experiences. Complex businesses require complicated, custom solutions. Custom content management for e-commerce isn’t simply adding, editing, and deleting content. It’s also managing intricate product offerings and transactions. 

Custom E-Commerce Vs. off-the-shelf solutions

Off-the-shelf software is, for all intents and purposes, aimed at solving fairly simple commerce transactions. A sample case would be having users browse for products, add them to a cart, and then check out. For scenarios such as this, there are many solutions available, ranging from WooCommerce powered by WordPress to Magento, which is a largely popular commerce platform.

However, what about when things become more complicated? What if your products require sophisticated calculations or customization? Or if you have extraneous transactional calculations? In these cases, a customized e-commerce platform may make sense for your organization.

Built Around Your Business Requirements

Our team specializes in translating complex business problems into technical solutions. We do this by conducting thorough discovery processes by building in-depth blueprints and specifications. With 15 years of experience, our first deliverable to you as a client will be our interpretation of your business requirements and a review of our technical solution. Based on your feedback, we will be able to produce the solution you require.

Safety & Security

Security is always one of the biggest concerns for any business. The data your business stores and collects is important and your customers rely on you to safely utilize this information.

With that being said, custom solutions are able to secure your companies internet presence beyond industry requirements. We have experience securing websites to exceed those required by PCI compliance and other leading standards.


We specialize in web development, utilizing the latest open-source technologies. This includes the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MongoDB or MySQL for database solutions, and PHP as the script language. Also, our e-commerce work is secured using OpenSSL technology.

These technologies are industry standard for complex development projects, utilized by many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of different installations.

Payment Gateways

Our technology solutions are able to integrate with leading payment gateways. Such systems include Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, First Data, and If connectivity to another platform is required, any API-driven platform can be integrated to our custom developed solutions.

What have we built in the past?

Reservation Systems: Complex reservation systems for organizations such as car rentals, or other travel systems.

Auto France

Auto France Website

Auto France is a local New Jersey business that has been making bold moves in the realm of European car rentals. Through the Peugeot Open Europe program, travelers can get incredible long-term rental deals on brand new Peugeot vehicles. Auto...
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What have we built in the past?

Reservation Systems: Complex reservation systems for organizations such as car rentals, or other travel systems.



Registration Systems: Registration for classes, events or other similar requirements are among the most popular installations of custom e-commerce systems.

•    Subscriptions & Communities: Sophisticated recurring payment systems often times require custom development solutions. This includes SaaS applications or similar types of services.

•    Complex Inventory or Third Party Integration: Complicated inventory management systems or integrations to third party tools are best accomplished with custom solutions.

Our team is available to answer questions you may have.  Contact us today!

Our team is available to answer questions you may have.  Contact us today!

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