Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Support

Your website or application requires ongoing support, maintenance and must continuously be improved.

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Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Support

Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Support

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013Your website or application requires ongoing support, maintenance and must continuously be improved.

Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Support

Your website or application requires ongoing support, maintenance and must continuously be improved.

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Who we've helped.

Our team works with marketers, owners and product managers to support the day-to-day maintenance and iterative improvements of their properties.

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What We Do

Our specialists can augment your company’s efforts across a broad spectrum of digital services, with no stringent, ongoing commitments. This includes design, development and systems support across a variety of platforms with a focus on bridging the gaps within your organizations internal capabilities.


How it Works

NP Group has organized our team to provide reliable, on-demand digital production services. Most customers, regardless of the type of application or website, undergo the following process for onboarding:

Kick-Off: Our team works to understand your company, properties, typical requests and areas where we can help.

Onboarding: We work to onboard your website or application by first creating a development environment, then running updates, security scans, and any necessary cleanup to ensure the platform is operating smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Best Practices: We then work to formalize deployment practices and workflows, and run through an initial deployment.

Updates & Upgrades: Our team will process most software updates and upgrades automatically. In addition, we'll begin the process of 24/7/365 monitoring and security services, if chosen.

ONGOING Continuous Improvement: Our team is now in place and prepared to assist you in yoru day-to-day tasks, whether they be improvements to your systems, updates to your content or upgrades to newer capabilities.

Scheduling Work

Every maintenance customer is assigned an account manager. This person is responsible for your relationship with our team and internal resources. When you have a new request, you can call, email or utilize project management software to send the specifics of your task to your account manager. They will then collaborate with the team on our side to estimate the effort required, and begin scheduling or completing the work as requested.

Budget Requirements

All NP Group maintenance and improvement arrangements are based on hourly rates. We offer these engagements via two possible relationships: monthly commitments and “agile” maintenance retainers.

Monthly Commitments

For customers who have a steady stream of work, predictable tasks, or wish to hire full-time resources, monthly commitments make the most sense. This includes a block of time which is committed to on a monthly basis, typically with an overage discount. Such arrangements are recommended for customers who exceed 20 hours of work per month on a consistent basis.

Agile Maintenance

Agile maintenance is much like a legal retainer. Customers make an initial deposit into a retained services account, and NP Group utilizes those funds as requests are made. When your account comes due for a refill, your account manager will reach out to discuss the refill amount and any discounts applicable. Each month, your account manager will also provide you with a report of time spent, and a list of each task. No task is ever completed without providing you with an estimation of the time required. The one exception would be for updates or upgrades, provided we have your permission to perform those updates automatically without approvals for the sake of safety and security.

Unused hours do not expire unless left dormant for one year, and there is no ongoing commitments.

For more information about rates and requirements, please visit our current budget guidelines.

Onboarding & Initial Set Up Fees

There are no initial onboarding fees other than the time it takes to create your development environment, and update or secure your platform. We estimate the time necessary during our initial proposal and also outline precisely what we’ll be updating or upgrading, based on your particular situation.

Turnaround Time

Our SLA includes turnaround times based on the size of the retained services deposit. However, most all clients will hear from their assigned account manager within an hour of making a request, if not sooner. Total time to completion of a task, of course, depends on task complexity.

Getting Started

Getting started is as simple as scheduling a 1:1 consultation to discuss your property, your requirements and review our services in detail.

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Continuous Website Improvements

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24/7/365 Monitoring

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