Custom Lead Generation Systems: Custom Development Solutions

Custom Lead Generation System development streamlines your workflows into one cohesive system.

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Custom Lead Generation Systems: Custom Development SolutionsNPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Custom Lead Generation System development streamlines your workflows into one cohesive system.

Custom Lead Generation Systems

Lead Generation websites are often limited by off-the-shelf software. Learn more about how our custom solutions can ensure higher conversion rates and better management of leads from their initial collection through to final processing.

Complex Lead Generation CMS

Lead generation is the lifeblood of many businesses. Websites long ago became the primary source of new lead generation for the majority of enterprises. With the importance of lead generation, more and more organizations are moving to complex systems to ensure scalability and high-availability for their new business generation initiatives.

Custom Lead Generation vs Off-The-Shelf Solutions

The biggest reason to consider a custom solution for lead generation is security and scalability. Lead generation is a 24/7/365 proposition. Every minute a website is unavailable, there is a lost opportunity. Every lead that meets a slow loading website is a potential lost source of revenue. Custom solutions offer scalability, security, and a high-availability to ensure your organization is making the most of it’s online presence.

Safety and Security

Many famous off-the-shelf systems deal with an abundance of security concerns. Lead information is trusted to your company by the end-user. As such, it is imperative that the software solution in place is trusted to keep this data safe and secure. Off-the-shelf software has inherent security flaws that put your company at risk. Custom-built solutions enable your site to serve as a safe haven for the user data.

Custom Workflows

Another important consideration for lead generation is custom workflows. Today, a lead isn’t just an email that is generated to a particular stakeholder. Each lead is a complex user record that has to be tracked and assigned via a variety of third party tools. For example, new leads may need to be “scrubbed”, or verified for accuracy in terms of phone numbers or e-mails. This requires a custom integration to a third party, or a custom workflow. Another example is integrations to third party marketing automation tools. Or, perhaps integrations to third party email platforms. The process a lead takes from start to sale, and even beyond, is important enough to warrant careful consideration and an appropriate technical solution.

Developing Your Custom Lead Generation Platform

We treat the consideration and development of each platform as an opportunity to craft a solution that makes the most sense for our clients. This always begins with a thorough discovery process. By sitting down for detailed sessions with you, the potential client, we gain a valuable understanding of your business goals and objectives, while gaining insight into potential challenges you wish to overcome with a technical solution.

When discovery is completed, we will have devised a thorough architecture or blueprint for your custom system, and development can begin.

Front-end Considerations

The most important part of a lead generation project is design. Designing your front-end website to be efficient and optimized for user conversions is absolutely essential for any lead generation platform. Our system allows for custom designed user interfaces, which in turn can be optimized for conversions and identification of users.

Our Experience

Since 2001, we have worked with organizations who rely on online lead generation to grow and scale their businesses. Our experience ranges across varying industries such as education, healthcare, insurance, and travel to name a few. We have accomplished this by building complicated lead generation systems and custom, intuitive front-end designs aimed at optimizing conversion rates.

Some examples of past projects include:

Custom Dashboards: We’ve built dashboard systems that gather, compare and analyze lead data from multiple sites, landing pages, and partner imports. Such systems can be integrated to third party platforms for further analytics, user analysis, lead cleansing or other systems.

Custom Landing Page Management: Oftentimes organizations are managing hundreds of landing pages, each with their own tags, tracking, and field requirements. We have past experience building custom management platforms for such scenarios.

Cost Analysis Platforms: We have experience with lead management platforms built to analyze cost bases from third party advertising networks.

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