Custom Content Management for News and Publications: Custom Development Solutions

Custom Content Management for News and Publications is an essential tool to delivery valuable content efficiently and quickly.

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Custom Content Management for News and Publications: Custom Development SolutionsNPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Custom Content Management for News and Publications is an essential tool to delivery valuable content efficiently and quickly.

Custom Content Management for News and Publications

There is no industry that benefits more from custom content management systems than news and other publications. Find out about our custom solutions which streamline workflows and save time and money along the way.

Custom CMS Solutions for News & Publications

Many of the most popular news organizations and publications in the world utilize custom solutions for their content management. These organizations know that the best way to run their publications is to build sophisticated software that runs around their workflow, as opposed to altering how they do business to off-the-shelf software.

Benefits of a Custom Content Publishing System

Why would publications such as the NY Times, Buzzfeed, Vox, and Gawker choose to build systems from the ground up? Most likely because they see their CMS installations as items of value to the organization from both an infrastructure and business perspective. Content organizations today are built on a foundation of solid infrastructure: a valuable asset. Content creation will always matter, but the value of the software and systems is ever increasing in this new competitive environment.

How We Approach Content Management for News & Publications

At NP Group, we focus on a thorough understanding of a publication’s business model and their production workflow. A CMS is meant to enhance processes, not make them more difficult. By analyzing workflows and current systems in place, we are able to properly devise a specification for a new, custom content management system. This may include understanding the various phases of content creation: researching, production, and publication. It may also matter to study the organizational chart of the publisher to gain an understanding of user permissions and levels of access. All factors are considered in crafting a new solution for an organization.‚Äč

Building Your System: A Custom Interface

After a thorough discovery process and the building of a specification, the time for construction can begin. But first, all management systems need an interface. Popular off-the-shelf platforms will require you use their user interface. With a customized approach, we’ll design a user interface specifically for you

Our design team will work to devise an interface that fits your workflow, requirements, and the personality of your organization. We’ll mockup in live HTML what your administrative interface will look like for your approval. This interactive, iterative approach will ensure that your management platform is exactly as you require to accomplish your goals.

Development Process

Our team focuses on building massively scalable and secure management platforms that can be the lifeblood of an organization for years to come.

We focus on utilizing scalable, safe open-source technologies such as PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, Apache, and Linux as foundations for our platforms. Our expert development team will work with internal resources as necessary and within your technical requirements and policies.

Our Process: Video

Our team will work with you to ensure a seamless deployment and will be available to help you with any ongoing needs or requirements.


Data Transfer

Undoubtedly, you already have a large library of data. Our team will work to automate transfer of content via custom scripts and import processes. Our end goal is to do as much as possible in automated means to avoid unnecessary manual labor.

Front-End Integration

Our CMS solutions can work either as an integrated management solution with a front-end display layer, or as a decoupled / headless solution. If opting to decouple the CMS from your front-end user experience, we will work to develop a thorough API allowing for connectivity to external interfaces or systems.


The most important part of any development process is the eventual deployment. All deployments are different, and because of this we take great care to devise a deployment plan that will fit your organization. The business of news and information never stops, so we always work for seamless, zero-downtime scenarios ensuring that your users will have no interruption. 

Some examples of past projects include:

Custom Dashboards: We've built dashboard systems that gather, compare and analyze lead data from multiple sites, landing pages, and partner imports. Such systems can be integrated to third party platforms for further analytics, user analysis, lead cleansing or other systems.

Custom Landing Page Management: Oftentimes organizations are managing hundreds of landing pages, each with their own tags, tracking, and field requirements. We have past experience building custom management platforms for such scenarios.

Cost Analysis Platforms: We have experience with lead management platforms built to analyze cost bases from third party advertising networks.

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