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Custom Web Development and Web Design company since 2001 with a focus on custom CMS and solving sophisticated development challenges.

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New Possibilities Group, LLC

1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107
Clifton, NJ 07013
(855) 674-7687


We Design, Build and Support Sophisticated Websites & Applications.

We are a company of specialists who utilize expert design techniques and custom web development to craft and maintain innovative digital experiences.

Who We've Helped.

A few clients we've had the pleasure to work with & for...

American Express
TLC Vision
Rightspace Storage
Conde Nast
Johnson & Johnson
Association of National Advertisers
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Years of Digital Experience

Our focus is using technology to craft custom experiences to solve your business challenges.

Since 2001, our team has developed a process to ensure customer success with lower risk of project failure and budget overruns.

Insights Delivered Weekly

We are dedicated to continually educating our clients, prospective clients, and the tech community.

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Website Design / DevelopmentWebsite Design / Development

Website Design / Development

Custom Mobile or Web Application DevelopmentCustom Mobile or Web Application Development

Custom Mobile or Web Application Development

Website Maintenance / MonitoringWebsite Maintenance / Monitoring

Website Maintenance / Monitoring

Accessibility ServicesAccessibility Services

Accessibility Services

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Custom Design a WebsiteCustom Design a Website

Custom Design a Website

Implement a CMSImplement a CMS

Implement a CMS

Develop Front-End CodeDevelop Front-End Code

Develop Front-End Code

Build a Custom CMS or Web ApplicationBuild a Custom CMS or Web Application

Build a Custom CMS or Web Application

Integrate a Theme For a CMSIntegrate a Theme For a CMS

Integrate a Theme For a CMS

Mobile App DevelopmentMobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Web Application DevelopmentWeb Application Development

Web Application Development

Cross-Platform DevelopmentCross-Platform Development

Cross-Platform Development

API DevelopmentAPI Development

API Development

CMS / Software Updates / UpgradesCMS / Software Updates / Upgrades

CMS / Software Updates / Upgrades

Continuous Website ImprovementsContinuous Website Improvements

Continuous Website Improvements

24/7/365 Monitoring24/7/365 Monitoring

24/7/365 Monitoring

Compliance AuditsCompliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Website AuditsWebsite Audits

Website Audits

Mobile Application AuditsMobile Application Audits

Mobile Application Audits



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