Web Design / Development Pricing & Budget Guidelines

A general guidelines to budgets and pricing at NPG.

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Pricing & Budget Guidelines

Web Design / Development Pricing & Budget Guidelines

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009A general guidelines to budgets and pricing at NPG.

Pricing & Budget Guidelines

Planning a digital project? Here is a sense of pricing and budget guidelines.

All agencies approach budgets differently. Our process guarantees you a fixed price and timeline.

These guidelines are rough estimates, provided to serve as guidance as you plan your project. Please note, all projects are different, and these figures only indicate our minimum project commitments.

Our goal with every client engagement is to mitigate your risk as a consumer of digital services. That means we focus on carefully architecting and planning out all solutions, and we offer 100% guaranteed pricing on ALL implementation projects for customers who engage in our process of initial project discovery.

Discovery & Architecture

Discovery and architecture services start at $1,500 for a 2 hour session that results in a 10-15 page findings report. Factors that determine budget include the length of the discovery session, number of participants, location, and project particulars that may affect the length of the deliverables. Timeframes can be anywhere from weeks to months depending on project complexity.

Implementation & Production

Projects can consist of multiple phases: front-end design & development, back-end integration & development, content porting, quality assurance, testing & deployment. These are the budget minimums that NPG is currently accepting, please note that all budgets are not-inclusive of discovery and architecture fees:

  1. WordPress+ / Open Source CMS Design & Implementation: Projects start at $10,000 minimum budget. Optional modular editing software is an additional $5,000 head-start fee*.
  2. Headless API Design & Implementation: $25,000 minimum budget.
  3. Custom CMS Design, Development & Implementation: $40,000 minimum budget.  Optional modular editing software is an additional $10,000 head-start fee*.
  4. Commercial CMS Implementations: Enterprise implementation services vary depending on platform chosen and project specification.
  5. UI/UX Design & Front-End Development: $10,000 minimum budget.

* NPG has developed "head start" software packages for both Custom and WordPress CMS projects. For WordPress, this plugin expands the CMS capabilities by offering modular editing. For custom projects, the CMS framework eliminates the need to design a UI, basic content management tools and user permissions, etc. Utilizing the head start saves budget and enables projects to reach a high level of functionality from day one. Head start software is "licensed" to clients with only one restriction, which is the ability to sell the software to third parties. Otherwise, it is the client's to amend, revise and manage after installation as required.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Our ongoing maintenance plans are focused on two scenarios: retained funds, also known as "Agile Maintenance", and monthly retainers. Each have minimum commitments:

Agile Maintenance: Minimum initial deposit of $5,000. Renewal amounts vary from $2,000 to $20,000. Funds do not expire.

Retained Maintenance Services: Minimum monthly commitment of $2,500 with 6 month agreement.

Please note: maintenance services are determined by hourly rates, which vary based on the commitment.

Compliance Audits

Our team can perform comprehensive audits for the accessibility of both your website and mobile applications. For website accessibility audits, our team conducts a comprehensive review of your site, templates, coding practices, and content management practices to produce a findings report with details of errors found, and possible remedies. Website ADA audits typically start at $2,500 and depend on the complexity and depth of the audit.

For mobile application ADA accessibility audits, our team will download your apps for iOS and Android, and via a variety of tactics to evaluate if your app is compliant. For any issues, we will also prescribe remedies. Mobile audits start at $5,000 per application and can vary based on complexity and depth of audit.

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