Custom WordPress Development Solutions for Enterprise

Custom WordPress Development Services: Design & Development for Enterprise Requirements

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Custom Wordpress Development Solutions

Custom WordPress development, extended with advanced modular WCMS functionality by custom CMS experts. Secured and developed specifically for sophisticated, enterprise environments.


WordPress off the shelf isn’t ready for Enterprise environments.

We’ve upgraded WordPress from it's off-the-shelf state to maximize functionality for those with advanced requirements. This means creation of a modular web editor, optimized for corporate, enterprise usage, in addition to upgraded security standards and ongoing maintenance and support.

When to use WordPress?


Small publications or blogs are the bread & butter of WordPress, which was originally architected for this specific purpose.

Corporate / Informational

WordPress makes it easy to build informational, market-driven websites that give marketers the tools they need to update the site quickly and easily.

Small / Medium Business

Small business owners appreciate the flexibility of the WordPress platform and the lower cost of entry.

Personal Preference

Many marketers and business owners have a preference for WordPress, making it the only acceptable option.

Giving You More Control Over Content

Our custom modular interface extends WordPress’ Capabilities


NPG’s Modular Plug-In


Designed to break free from the limitations of unforgiving templates.

WordPress has one major flaw: it’s CMS doesn’t feature flexible, page by page modular editing capabilities. Our belief is that webpages are made of reusable pieces, not a single fixed template. Our modular plugin, available to clients only, allows for websites that are editable page by page, piece by piece.

NPG Modular Plug-In

Build Pages, Don’t Populate Templates​

Templates are great for organizing static content, but things change, strategies evolve and templates just can't keep up. Our custom module plugin allows your website to quickly adapt to the changing requirements of your enterprise.

NPG Module

Key Features of the NPG Modular System

Our modular plugin allows WordPress to do more than ever before.


Having a library of modules, designed to match your needs, makes creating new pages quick and easy. No need for technical assistance.


Modules can be populated with static content or dynamic content, driven by WordPress custom post types.

User Friendly

Our system takes just minutes to learn and adapt to.


Each project we complete contains generic and custom built modules, designed and developed specifically for your website.

Case Studies

Our modular plugin allows WordPress to do more than ever before.

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