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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Web AgencyTop 10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Web Agency

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Web Agency

PeteSeptember 26, 2013

We spend a lot of time here at NPG talking websites.  In a typical year, we may talk to 250-300 different potential clients.  At this point, we've seen it all.  Unfortunately, we see a lot of the same mistakes over and over again.  We encourage our potential clients to do their due...

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New Bing Logo Unveiled!New Bing Logo Unveiled!

New Bing Logo Unveiled!

SebastienSeptember 20, 2013

Bing has recently redesigned their logo, falling in line with their design overhaul. (See Microsoft Office 360 and in general… Windows 8).  I could be a typical Apple user and just say it’s terrible because…  Hey, It’s Microsoft. But that would be too sophomoric of me!...

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Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"

Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"

SebastienSeptember 5, 2013

Yahoo, after spending the past 30 days giving us a variety of zany logos, unveiled its new logo today.  View their well-produced video unveiling: ​ I have to say I was more impressed with the presentation of the logo than I was with the logo itself, but I never carried the opinion that a logo...

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We've Redesigned!We've Redesigned!

We've Redesigned!

PeteSeptember 3, 2013

Greetings NPG Fans...! Finally, we are pleased to announce our new website!  After months of design and development, our new site is finally ready to be unveiled.  This new site will feature much more in-depth content around our services and portfolio, in addition to the various solutions we offer. From...

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