Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"

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Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"

By Sebastien Jean-Baptiste

Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"New Possibilities Group/site_media/1112/Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"09/05/2013Yahoo Unveils New Logo…Our Impression: "Eh"Design
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Yahoo, after spending the past 30 days giving us a variety of zany logos, unveiled its new logo today.  View their well-produced video unveiling:

I have to say I was more impressed with the presentation of the logo than I was with the logo itself, but I never carried the opinion that a logo needs to "wow" me - it should be more about function than "wow factor".

The new logo takes two steps forward and then takes a step back. The layout and san-serif typography are a step in a more modern direction, especially for a web company.  However at the same time they have seemed to reject current trends of flat color design and embraced a 2001 standard for 3D effects.

While I’m not crazy about this logo, it’s a welcomed change versus their previous version.  And, at least the daily logo changes have come to an end!

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