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Archives from the NPG Blog: July, 2016

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July 2016: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: July, 2016

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5 Effective Ways To Engage Users On Your Website

by Jenna July 28, 2016

Getting visitors to your website is one of the first successful steps of inbound marketing, but how do you keep them engaged? Before you can focus in on creating engaging content, you must have a firm grip on who your target audience is. Understanding what they look like, what their interests are, and what they are looking...

Does “Above The Fold” Even Mean Anything In Web Design Anymore?

by Sebastien July 27, 2016

The "above the fold" debate is one of the hottest topics in the web design industry, and opinions are divided. Some people firmly believe that the only way to convince people to take a good look at the content offered on your website is to make sure it's "above the fold"—that is, the content...

6 Tricks To Keep Visitors On Your Landing Page Longer

by Sebastien July 26, 2016

Any experienced digital marketer knows: attracting visitors to your website is only a partial success. Keeping visitors engaged on your site, preferably to the point where they sign up to become leads, is a more important win. Especially on your landing pages, the length of individual visits is crucial. The...

How CMS Development And Website Design Go Hand In Hand

by Sebastien July 21, 2016

When you need a new website, it's easy to approach a designer. Figuring out how to publish and edit content on that site tends to be a later consideration. And yet, CMS development and website design should always go hand in hand. The two are too closely connected, and too important, not to integrate for a...

4 Major Reasons To Decouple Your CMS Installation

by Pete July 20, 2016

The decoupled content management system is making a big buzz in the web development industry because of its impact in the CMS world. With the ability to create dynamic user experiences, content apps, and highly custom layouts, this approach gives developers great flexibility to innovate while giving businesses the power to...

"Free" CMSs Still Cost Money

by Pete July 19, 2016

"You get what you pay for" isn't just a cliché your dad taught you about buying good quality products. Price is obviously always a factor when shopping for new technology. Going with the most expensive product out there will blow your budget apart pretty quickly. However, cheapest is not always best...


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