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5 ways to engage users on your website and keep them coming back!

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5 Effective Ways To Engage Users On Your Website

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5 Effective Ways To Engage Users On Your Website
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Getting visitors to your website is one of the first successful steps of inbound marketing, but how do you keep them engaged? Before you can focus in on creating engaging content, you must have a firm grip on who your target audience is. Understanding what they look like, what their interests are, and what they are looking for is key to finding ways to keeping them engaged. The following are 5 ways to engage users on your website and keep them coming back! 

1. Content is still king.‚Äč

One challenge most marketers have in common is finding ways to keep people actively engaged on their website. Content must provide some type of benefit to the user. If it doesn't help solve a problem or answer a question, they will find what they are looking for somewhere else.

It is also essential that your content looks aesthetically pleasing. It should be laid out in such a way that it is easy to read and find information. Be sure to keep your content fresh and up to date. Provide visitors with a reason to come back to your site. Some people utilize weekly blog updates that would interest their readers and some offer weekly deals that encourage people to check back often! Your content should be so good that people trust it and share it! Good content is interesting, informative, and inspires people.

2. Incorporate interactive features on your site.

Quizzes, games, and worksheets are a few interactive content pieces you might see on a regular basis. Interactive content helps marketers break the clutter of the many advertising voices clamoring for the same visitors’ attention. This type of content engages users and encourages them to remain active by answering questions or completing some type of challenge. People love a good, healthy competition especially if there is some sort of prize involved. Financial businesses could implement financial calculators on their site as an example of a way to keep users actively involved.

3. Live chat.

Live chats are an excellent way to engage users. Most people do not want to take the time to call a customer service number, follow automated prompts and still not get connected to a live person. Nothing frustrates customers more than an automated lady saying “I’m sorry I still did not understand”. Allowing customers an opportunity to chat live to get their questions answered or troubleshoot problems can go a long way in keeping people engaged. 

4. Offer feedback tools.

People like to know that their opinion counts. They want to be heard and taken seriously. Allow users the ability to link to other ways to communicate quickly. Offering an email button that automatically opens up a new email ready to be composed not only offers convenience but increases the likelihood that the user will remain engaged.

5. Utilize interactive product photos and videos. 

Cisco conducted a study that concluded that video will account for 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, while YouTube already receives more than one billion unique visitors each month. 

Research has proven that customers are more drawn to products or services that included interactive photos than those who did not. This tool helps to overcome obstacles of online shopping. For example, customers are hesitant to buy items like clothing that they can't see or feel. Having interactive photos helps ease that concern a bit by providing alternate views of the product.

Engaging content will ultimately equate to more conversions which can lead to satisfied customers that will refer you more customers. Finding new and creative ways to engage your website visitors is not only important but essential to your business strategy.

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