February 2015: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

Archives from the NPG Blog: February, 2015

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February 2015: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: February, 2015

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How We Use It: Slack As A Team Communication Tool

by Kris February 26, 2015

As new method for us to handle project management (along with Trello ), we’ve recently started using Slack. Even though it’s one of the relatively newer productivity tools that have hit the market, with a recent valuation of $1 billion , its clear that Slack is here to stay.  What’s Slack, you...

Establishing Credibility Through Great Custom Web Design

by Sebastien February 25, 2015

To say that a web presence is required these days seems about as insightful as saying you need to have a telephone number. For many customers, the web is the preferred method to learn about a company's products and services. Many customers would rather do their own research and only ask specific questions via a...

How Your Business Will Benefit From Inbound Marketing

by February 22, 2015

As we established in our earlier blog post, inbound marketing is a way to acquire customers by selling to them on their own terms . Although it’s proven to be the most effective approach with today’s consumers, the inbound methodology can feel counterintuitive if you’re used to the classic style of...

Inbound Marketing Is The Revolution Your Business Needs

by February 20, 2015

If you’re looking to grow your business, you don’t have to have a degree in marketing to know that in order to reach an audience, you need put your name where people are focusing their attention. But where do you start? If your thoughts are print ads, television and radio commercials, billboards,...

Which CMS Solution Is Right For You?

by Avram February 19, 2015

When planning a site, the major technological question for a business owner centers on selection of a content management system (CMS). At its most basic, a CMS is a set of templates that allows you to easily add or edit pages to your site without having to write new code. Even if you have the skills to code a website from...

5 Things To Do Before Getting A Web Design And Development Quote

by Pete February 16, 2015

The beginning stages of a web design or development project are the most crucial—and the most exciting. At this point, you’ve probably already found some digital agencies to reach out to. You’re eager to discuss the possibilities with them and begin the process of getting your project started....


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