CMS Solutions: Multiple Ways to Achieve Your Goals

We’re the experts in customized CMS installations. That means we fit the technology to your requirements, not the other way around—and only after completing a thorough architecture and discovery phase.

CMS Solutions: Multiple Ways to Achieve Your Goals

What We Do

We specialize in custom, complex CMS projects. But before we design or build anything, we work to understand the specifics of your project by undergoing a discovery and architecture phase.

CMS Solutions

Step 1: Strategy via Discovery

We never discuss implementation before developing a strategy that is tailored to your particular needs.

Discovery and Architecture

Our process starts simple, and at a low cost. It all begins with an in-depth session to review your goals, objectives, and current situation. Armed with this essential data, our team can not only propose a solution for you, but guarantee budget and timeframes.

Our discovery consists of a session conducted either in person or remotely, as well as individual sessions with stakeholders. It culminates in the production of a findings report that summarizes the project as a whole, in addition to outlining the entire architecture of both infrastructure and the actual software in a comprehensive software specification.

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CMS Options

Your project can be designed and integrated into a variety of platforms.

Custom CMS Solutions

Our bread and butter since 2001. For projects that are highly complex, have stringent security concerns, require customization that off-the-shelf platforms can’t handle, or have complex business logic requirements, nothing beats custom CMS solutions.

Our team can either build your new CMS platform from the ground up or use our CMS "head start" to skip the line and save money and time, all while building your organization a unique asset that will last for many years to come. Best of all, there are multiple platforms to choose from.

Budget: $$$$
Timing: Medium to Long
Best For: Enterprise with complex requirements, news & publications, SaaS applications, Custom Lead Generation Systems, complex multi-site installations.

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Headless CMS – API-Driven CMS in the Cloud

The CMS of the future is decoupled, or headless. This means content is managed in an environment segregated from the user’s front-end experience. Why? Speed, safety, and the ultimate front-end design flexibility.

Budget: $$$
Timing: Short to Medium
Best For: Quick headless installations, microsites, informational and marketing sites with limited interactivity, content-heavy publications, multi-channel distributed content.

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Sometimes, WordPress is actually a good fit—and we’ve found a way to make it even better. Our custom WordPress plugins make WordPress work in a modular way—no more stringent, unwavering templates. Now you can assemble pages piece by piece with ultimate control. Only available from NPG.

Budget: $$
Timing: Medium
Best For: WordPress loyalists, small/medium business, marketing and informational sites.

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Which solution is right for you? 

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Our team is available to answer questions you may have.  Contact us today!

Our team is available to answer questions you may have.  Contact us today!

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