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When selecting a payment gateway for an e-commerce website, there's more to be considered than a familiar name. Explore your options to find what is best for your business

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The Top 4 Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Website

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The Top 4 Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Website
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Top Payment Gateways

If you're new to the game of e-commerce, you probably think PayPal is your only option when it comes to managing payments through your site, right? While this was true at one time, it's not necessarily the case now as new gateways enter the field.

For the most part, the payment gateways out there today are equal in quality. You just need to decide which one is best for how you want to handle e-commerce with your customers. With every online shopper wanting as much ease as possible in buying things (especially on mobile devices), you’ll want complete efficiency and reliability.

At the same time, many differ in terms of the fees they charge, which can make a big difference for companies with a modest budget. You'll also want to look carefully at the ones featuring easy mobile payments, since mobile is the real future of e-commerce.

The Longevity Of

If all you've ever heard about is PayPal, you'll be surprised to know that has been around longer. More specifically, started two years before PayPal did, and the former is now regarded as the most used payment gateway in the world.

The reason they're so popular is because they simplify the payment process as much as possible. They cover all ground from credit card transactions to electronic checks. Ease of service comes in the easy integration of their payment system through your website or outside POS solutions.

Customer support isn't always easy through other payment gateways, yet makes sure you have access 24/7 through a free hotline.

Mobile-Ready With

Here you have another payment gateway that's been around longer than you’d think. Created a year before PayPal, SecurePay offers everything you need, including mobile payments. Using a virtual terminal, you can use credit cards manually or through a swipe interface.

Even better is that they let you access all your financial information easily when you're on the go. They use an easy online interface that allows you to keep up your account information, plus they offer better maintenance of recurring payments.

Their processing fees are decent as well at approximately 25 cents for each transaction.

Web Design & Development For E-Commerce

The Global Appeal Of

One problem with some payment gateways is the fees involved to get things set up. Even then, you sometimes have to pay consistent fees every month to keep some services going. eliminates those fees, even if they do charge 30 cents per transaction. Despite the latter being more than others, fee elimination is already a money saver.

2Checkout is especially great for those who want to expand overseas. They have a global presence and even allow debit card use for quicker transactions. Plus, they have a link-up with PayPal for more transaction convenience.

PayPal Is Still One Of The Leaders

PayPal still deserves a mention, since they are one of the biggest names in payment gateways and continue to improve their services. They don't force extra fees for basic necessities like initial setup, nor are there any monthly charges. They only charge for the actual transaction once it takes place, and those fees are very affordable.

Transactions are extremely easy if you've ever used PayPal before. Bank transfers are nearly a one-click procedure. Even their customer service is good with easy communication if you have any problems.

When it comes to building and maintaining an e-commerce website, we’ve seen it all. There is no “one size fits all” payment gateway, as every business has its unique needs and limitations. Making the choice that’s right for you should come early in the site-building process, however, to ensure that your customers never have any trouble making a quick and easy purchase.

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