NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review

By Pete Czech

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year ReviewNew Possibilities Group

So far, 2015 has been quite a year for us. We’ve brought on several new staff members, redesigned our website, moved to a new office, and become gold-level HubSpot partners. Even more exciting than our own developments are what we’ve been able to do for our clients. Here are some of the websites we’ve helped to launch so far this year:

Advanced Health And Education

With the help of inbound marketing strategies, we helped the AdvHealth team with a website that more readily connects them with people seeking information about addiction treatment services.

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review: Advance Health And Education

Learn more about NPG’s work with Advanced Health And Education.


As a local Jersey insurance company looking to go national, Insure Your Company went for the ultimate one-two punch: a sleek new website and some inbound marketing.

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review: Insure Your Company

Learn more about NPG’s work with Insure Your Company.

Manhattan Cryobank

Cataloging is key for Manhattan Cryobank and NPG built a website that provides user-friendly donor searches and a trustworthy e-commerce system.

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review: Manhattan Cryobank


Learn more about NPG’s work with Manhattan Cryobank.

Mealey’s Furniture

Aesthetics are always key for professional web design, but it’s essential for a company that specializes in home décor. With a new CMS and e-commerce layout, the Mealey’s website now makes visitors feel right at home.

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review: Mealey's Furniture


Learn more about NPG’s work with Mealey’s Furniture.

While we clearly didn’t need to explain the importance of well-written content to them, NPG helped bring their website design up-to-date, including some cool features.

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review:

Learn more about NPG’s work with

United States District Court Of The Western District Of Oklahoma

Have you ever been frustrated with a government website? We can assure you that it won’t be the case if you need to find something on the newly streamlined and user-friendly OKWD website!

NPG's 2015 Mid-Year Review:

Learn more about NPG’s work with OKWD.

We’re looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us. If you’re interested in more of our projects, check out our work.

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