Choosing A Digital Agency For Custom Web Development: Four Things To Consider

By Sebastien Jean-Baptiste

Choosing A Digital Agency For Custom Web Development: Four Things To ConsiderNew Possibilities Group

Creating a custom website is always a better option if you provide unique products or services and want to deliver a good experience for your visitors. While you may consider going for free, open-source CMS options to manage your site, they're only best if you don't need complex solutions that cater to your prospects and set you apart from the competition.

The problem is most businesses need to differentiate from competitors as much as possible. With the business world being more crowded than ever, a custom web design gives you the upper hand in reaching your target audience and increasing the visitor return rate. But then, how do you go about creating a custom website?

Choosing a digital agency for custom web development requires more smart decision-making. Since you need to communicate closely with your web designers, you have to look carefully at what they provide. A successful collaboration is everything here, including what they have in their background to assure you get what you want.

At the same time, you'll discover the best digital agencies don't “yes” you to death.

The Sharing of Ideas

One thing all design analysts say makes up a good web design agency is being able to listen to your ideas. If they think they know it all, they likely don't. Conversely, you shouldn't think you know it all either.

The point here is being symbiotic on the sharing of ideas. They need to make effort to listen to all of your ideas, though you need to listen to their expertise as well. Some of your ideas may not work in the full context you convey to the designers.

Your goal is to communicate your ideas effectively enough to the designer so they have a complete understanding of what your goals are. An agency building this for you in the most affordable and effective way makes for a better working relationship.

Working with Content Management Systems

If the digital agency doesn't work with some kind of CMS system, you need to walk away immediately. It doesn't matter if you think they've designed something you think you can live with for years. Designing with just static HTML means you'll likely have to call another agency in soon to update things.

An agency using CMS systems like Drupal or WordPress is important so they can easily do updates and adjustments when you need a quick design or content change.

Using Responsive Design Techniques

Thinking about mobile is at the top of the list now in custom web design. At the heart of custom design is responsive websites designed for all mobile devices. Your site needs complete compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even wearables. Otherwise, you could lose a sizeable customer base who grow frustrated battling through the clumsy navigation on your site.

In this regard, you might have to create separate designs for specific mobile operating systems. Responsive design expertise is still a key thing to look for on an agency's resume.

Past Portfolios

The track record of a digital agency matters in what they'll likely do for you. Ask to look at a live portfolio of active custom websites they've designed. This gives you a chance to spend extra time looking at every site page they've created to see what the quality is.

Remember, longevity is a major aspect to look out for as well. One reason is with the fast changes in the web design industry, longevity proves they're able to adapt quickly to trends. An agency just opening their doors may not have experience with adaptability, which could lead to trouble later in the project.

Choose an agency you feel like you can trust, that has proven good work and is interested in hearing your thoughts on the project at hand.

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