7 Hot Ad Tech Web Design Trends

By Sebastien Jean-Baptiste

7 Hot Ad Tech Web Design TrendsNew Possibilities Group

While it used to be that websites were all about content, they are now focusing more on aesthetic appeal. Web pages are luring readers in using eye-popping openers and high-definition pictures before going into content. Designs today are influenced by sheer simplicity and the need to draw more traffic to the site. To help maximize your traffic, here are a few of the hottest ad tech Web design trends of today.


Simplifying your logo and cleaning your website up can transform the look and feel of your site in no time. Reducing clutter and putting the emphasis on your content is key. All of the borders, footers and sidebars that once plagued websites are disappearing and paving the way for simpler, cleaner looks. Even the bright colors that so many once used are fading into the past.

Single-Page Design

Who wants to spend time clicking through a bunch of Web pages anymore? No one does. People prefer to have all of the information on one page where they can simply scroll down and find what they need. It’s a lot simpler to scroll to the bottom of the page using your thumb than it is to keep clicking on pages and waiting for them to load.

While you don’t often find a lot of websites going with a single page layout, many are cutting out a lot of the extra pages they have. They are also shortening how much content is on the page to make it more mobile-friendly.

App-Like Menus

So many people today access websites from their smartphones. Because of that, you want to design your website with these individuals in mind. It isn’t just about aesthetics anymore. It is also about the way content is organized and how the reader can access it.

Web designers are paving the way for content that the readers want and throwing out all of the junk they don’t. Menus are often hidden at the top of the website where they drop down when the user hovers over them. This makes the website cleaner and more aesthetically appealing.

Stock Photos

Instead of throwing a generic photo on your website, you want one that is stunning and eye-appealing. You can easily find brilliant stock photos from any number of sites. The key is using photos that are high-resolution and clear. With these artistic creations adorning your website, you won’t look like you threw everything together at the last minute. It will look professional and creative.

Ghost Buttons

Remember all of those bright, flashy buttons websites used to have? Well, those are vanishing into the past and paving the way to the transparent buttons of today. They are far less obtrusive, helping to highlight the things that readers really care about. These ghost buttons are just the outline of the button with a simple word or two inside of the bubble. It looks nice and eliminates clutter.

Stylish Typography

You want to pick a font that is both engaging and easy to read. Fonts that are difficult to read and interpret can be frustrating to the user. Something simple like Times New Roman, Sans Serif, Calibri, Cambria or Arial work well. Straight lines and nice, clean letters is ideal.

Map Integration

More brands are opting to include maps into their website. You can easily customize the map to better accommodate your needs and complement your current template and color scheme.

When you look at all of the above features that are taking the Internet by storm, it may make you reconsider your current design option. Think about overhauling your website and arming it with the latest trends to truly reach your audience and meet your goals.

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