NPG COVID-19 Operations Updates

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NPG COVID-19 Operations Updates

NPG COVID-19 Operations Updates

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013

COVID-19: NPG Operations Updates

A day-to-day update on the operations at NPG during the COVID-19 Crisis

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  2. COVID-19: NPG Operations Updates
COVID-19: NPG Operations Updates

Weekly Update: June 8, 2020

We're working at 100% normal operating capacity with no service interruptions. 24/7/365 services are running as normal. New maintenance & retainer customers are onboarding within 2-3 business days.

New project onboarding timelines:

Current Incentives:

  • 5% bonus with all maintenance deposits over $10,000.
  • 24/7/365 Discounts with 12-month agreement.
  • Project discovery 100% refundable with project commitment.
  • Discounts for new development initiatives starting in August.
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