October 2018: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

Archives from the NPG Blog: October, 2018

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October 2018: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: October, 2018

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How to Start Small & Iterate Upwards: Smart Custom Software Development

by Pete October 23, 2018

One of our specialties within the agency is the development of custom software applications. Most of our projects are web or mobile based, typically involving multiple moving parts such as databases, API’s, web applications and native mobile applications as well. Every project we undertake begins by conducting an...

Architecting Web Applications for the Future: API-Driven Development vs Web Frameworks

by Pete October 16, 2018

I know this is the least appealing title for a blog post that we’ve published in quite some time. However, it’s such an important topic and we’ve received many inquiries into the subject recently. As such, I think its time we discuss what’s happening in terms of web application development and...

The 90-Day Sprint: Let's Do This!

by Pete October 8, 2018

The calendar year is full of events and dates that oftentimes lead us to take some kind of action. Of course, we are all familiar with New Year’s: an opportunity to resolve to change our ways, start new initiatives, or better ourselves or businesses in one way or another. Daniel Pink reviewed this concept as a “...

What’s the Best Approach: Plugins or Custom Web Development?

by Pete October 2, 2018

I just spent the entire morning debugging a customer whose WordPress installation had suffered from a collection of issues, seemingly all at once. Their business requires ongoing subscriptions for access to their product, and those subscriptions are running via a series of plugins that are integrated together, utilizing the...

How to Prepare for a Custom API Integration Project

by Pete October 30, 2018

The concept of the API, or “application programming interface”, has revolutionized the world of software development on a global scale. In the past, developers used to extend software by either building on top of their platforms or installing extensions and plugins to handle additional functionality. Today, you...


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