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Archives from the NPG Blog: October, 2017

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October 2017: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: October, 2017

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Doing Business in the EU? What You Need To Know About GDPR Compliance

by Jessica October 27, 2017

If you run a company in the United States, you may have noticed some of your European counterparts wringing their hands about something called the GDPR. For most of us operating in the US, however, it’s hard to see what the big deal is. We’re not part of the EU, so whatever the GDPR is has nothing to do with us,...

6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Web Development Partner

by Pete October 20, 2017

As we’ve discussed many times on this blog, hiring a web development firm is a complicated process that has many unknowns. Unlike most other industries, there are not many global certification organizations for web developers. Likewise, there are no licenses required to practice web design or development. Add the...

Our Encounter with a Zero Day WordPress Vulnerability

by Avram October 12, 2017

In our discussions of custom CMS solutions and how they compare to off-the-shelf options like WordPress, we consistently run into the question of security. As the CMS with the largest market share, WordPress is a big target for hacks. Running your site on WordPress comes with a responsibility to run...

Best Practices for Designing & Integrating a User Interface for Your Custom CMS

by Pete October 9, 2017

One of the most liberating benefits of building a custom CMS is the ability to either design your own custom user interface and experience (known as UI/UX) or, at the very least, choose the best UI/UX for your system from the many libraries available off the shelf. Most people who opt for an off-the-shelf CMS have zero...


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