November 2015: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

Archives from the NPG Blog: November, 2015

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November 2015: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: November, 2015

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FAQ: Why Is My Website Soooo Slow? A Technical Examination.

by Kris November 30, 2015

Is there anything more frustrating than a slow website? As web developers , we’re inclined to think not. This is a frustration shared on both ends of the browsing experience. Encountering a slow website as an end user is bad enough. But when your whole business depends on how well your website performs, slow load...

Service Level Agreements: Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

by Jessica November 25, 2015

At many companies, marketing and sales exist on two separate planes, each exclusively concerned with its own agenda. But is this a sustainable business model? As digital marketing becomes a larger, more influential part of the business world, the balance is shifting. The reality is that the best marketing teams focus...

The Rise of MarTech and Its Effect On The Digital Marketing World

by Jessica November 24, 2015

It's undeniable. Thanks to the rise of marketing technology, or martech, the digital marketing landscape has changed drastically in recent years. Whether you subscribe to traditional “push” strategies or the inbound marketing philosophy , you probably rely on some type of marketing technology provider...

FAQ: Why is My Business Site Not Showing Up on Google?

by Pete November 23, 2015

Whether you’ve just launched a brand new website or are in the initial stages of determining if you need a fresh start, it’s likely that you’ve spent some time Googling your business’s name to see where it falls in the search results. That joy may turn into frustration, however, upon realizing that...

Trends in E-Commerce for 2016: Sales Strategies and New Technology

by Kris November 20, 2015

E-commerce continues to evolve, and you almost always see fresh ideas each year on how to better engage with customers and improve sale tactics. As 2016 approaches, it's time to start thinking of refreshing the e-commerce practices on your website. This time around, evidence points to more focus on making things...

5 Ways To Optimize Your Franchise Website Design and Development

by Pete November 19, 2015

Franchise website design and development can be difficult, there’s no doubt about it. Unlike the case with standard business models, you have to find the right balance between a unique and unified brand identity, and a localized experience that accurately reflects your individual franchisees and their efforts....


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