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March 2019: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: March, 2019

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How to Make a Website Redesign Pay For Itself

by Pete March 29, 2019

This is going to be a relatively short blog post this week, but the impact should be powerful. It all centers around a question I ask of almost every new customer I speak to, either during an introductory call or during the discovery process: How can this project pay for itself? The answer inevitably is one of two...

Making the Case for a Custom-built CMS

by Pete March 18, 2019

Like a post I’m going to link you to in a minute, I’ll start with a premise… In general terms, doesn’t something built for you seem to fit just a little bit better? A suit? A home? A dental crown! Well, in that last case, I wouldn’t recommend ever taking that off the shelf… ...

How Design Impacts Business: Our Thoughts on the New Design Frontier Report

by Pete March 13, 2019

The folks behind Invision, the prototyping tool, just released “ The New Design Frontier ,” which is an industry-wide report that surveyed thousands of companies, from agencies to enterprise, and explored the correlations between design and business performance. I found it pretty fascinating, and also was...

The Best Way to Judge a Digital Agency's Portfolio

by Pete March 5, 2019

Sorry, but I hope you are prepared for a venting session….. Let me start with a bold claim, to which I hope you take no offense: Prospective clients have no idea how to judge the quality of a digital agency's prior work product. There, I've said it! I guess I'm jaded to an extent because...


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