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LinkedIn ads are often an overlooked, highly valuable strategy that can be used instead of Facebook ads.

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LinkedIn Ads 101: The Alternative Targeted Marketing Method To Facebook

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LinkedIn Ads 101: The Alternative Targeted Marketing Method To Facebook
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LinkedIn went through a long period where it became disregarded as being merely a place to post your business resume or do networking. Since then, marketing analysts have continually written more positively on LinkedIn's true value as a supreme marketing source for both B2B and B2C businesses.

There are many overlooked functions that LinkedIn provides, with Ads being yet another worth strongly considering. One reason businesses typically ignored LinkedIn's ad capability is because the site isn't considered a typical social media channel.

Other reasons generally cited include the thought that LinkedIn doesn't have the user numbers Facebook does. While it's true Facebook Ads open up to millions of people, LinkedIn Ads have some better features you won't find on Facebook.

The important thing is to mix up your online ads for the best possible audience reach. Here's some LinkedIn Ads 101 tips to use to help you see the true value that these ads can provide. Particularly if you're a B2B business, you'll find strong and targeted ways to connect with potential buyers.

Creating an Ad on LinkedIn

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn makes the setup process quite simple with easy menu functions. By clicking "Create an Ad", you're taken to the setup page where you can enter your campaign information.

You need to give your campaign a name and whether you'll use a regular ad format, or a video. Another similarity to Facebook is you can choose to create an ad in a foreign language if you're reaching a demographic in a particular country.

Afterward, you're asked to create an ad destination, and LinkedIn gives you good choices. It's easy to link your ad on another page to attract visitors to your website with just one click.

With your headline, you'll need to keep it terse to 25 characters or less. Plus, your ad description has a 75-character limit. This brevity is a necessary tactic in today's online ad world, and Facebook makes you do the same.

Photos have more options, with LinkedIn letting you preview pic formatting before you make a final choice.

A strong point here is you get more ad variations, which makes it easier for you to change content at will when you need to.

LinkedIn Ads Targeting Ability

While many argue over Facebook Ads providing better targeting, LinkedIn has equal if not better methods to do the same. Using their targeting menus, you have numerous selections to narrow things down to detailed specifics.

What makes LinkedIn unique is they let you see the number of potential people you can reach with each choice you make. They help you further refine this by matching your products and skills with that of the businesses you're trying to reach.

They even have a "Lead Collection" feature where those who click on your ads get asked to send their contact info. It's done in a secure environment for further targeted use later.

Your Budgeting Options

If you have made it this far you are probably wondering how to go about budgeting your ads on LinkedIn. It's very similar to Facebook and other social media platforms. Choices are either standard cost-per-click, or cost-per-1000 impressions. The CPC minimum bid range is $2, which makes it pricey for some. Nevertheless, LinkedIn gives you valuable suggestions in how much you should bid so you find the right amount to suit your B2B budget.

They'll ask you how long you want your campaign to run, and you'll be able to choose "indefinitely", or a customized box to choose an end date.

Along with targeting, LinkedIn Ads lead visitors to more accurate information about you for better immediacy. In addition, with their enhanced publishing platforms, you can target buyers even more with content you post there.

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