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With Facebook reaching over 1.4 billion people, there's a huge opportunity to do more targeting in your digital marketing.

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How To Generate More Leads With Facebook Ads: Creation, Targeting, And Metrics

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How To Generate More Leads With Facebook Ads: Creation, Targeting, And Metrics
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Learning how to generate more leads with Facebook ads should become part of your digital marketing plan as soon as possible. With Facebook perpetually relevant, placing ads there can significantly generate more leads thanks to Mark Zuckerberg's master creation still reaching over 1.4 billion people. It's also an opportunity to do more targeting in your online marketing.

The challenges you may face using Facebook ads is how much needs to be done in order to make them work effectively. There are three different ad types to consider, including campaigns, ad sets, and regular ads. But you also need to focus on whether you're truly targeting correctly, whether your ad image scales correctly, and finding the right type of ad.

To get started, it's best to look at the major categories to bring instant results. This includes creating your ad, finding the right targets, and reading Facebook ad metrics correctly.

All three work together to generate interest and information so you can continue to tweak your ads to suit the demographics you need.

Finding Your Objective and Audience

What you'll appreciate about Facebook is that they help immensely in the ad creation process. They take you step-by-step through early targeting by finding your objective and your audience.

Working with their ads manager, you get a long list of options to choose from, which starts with your ad goals. It includes categories like "sending people to your website" to "getting video views." They give you sub-options as well that include page post engagements and local awareness.

Facebook additionally gives you an audience definition gauge where you can calculate a potential reach number. They provide a world map to select which countries you want to target as well. Plus, they let you match up your ad to specific demographics using thorough criteria.

Facebook Ad Aesthetics

What your ad looks like is everything when it comes to how people perceive you and your message. Many marketing experts say testing is essential here, especially with the image you use, the headline, and post text.

You should test about 12 different ads you could potentially use. Fortunately, Facebook provides some good metrics to study here so you see what's working and what isn't. In this case, test over a two-day period and wait until you've generated 10 leads before making any changes. Doing it this way enables you to get a real-time view on reaction.

Image, Headline, and Color

Best practices on what your ad should look like will come down to simplicity and using eye-catching words. Make your image simple yet compelling, with pictures of people being what most people relate to.

Using the word "Free" might look overly common but it's still an effective keyword to use in your ad headline. The important thing is to convey value so it compels people to click.

As for color, always use something that stands out. Orange, green, and red are usually what draws people so it doesn't blend in with the overall page design.

The display of your ad is equally important. Facebook lets you choose among Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, or Desktop Right Column.

Studying Your Metrics

Again, Facebook makes studying the metrics on your ads worth the creation effort. They make each analytic page easy to read, and you should study them every day to see your ad effectiveness level.

Look at performance, engagement, video views, website actions, app installs, event responses, click-through rates, cost-per-click, and create customized settings. In the latter case, you can study your start and end date, ad set names, delivery, bids, and ad objectives.

All of these are important if you use Facebook ads in comprehensive places like your website, or in your marketing emails. Start testing out your Facebook ads and watch the leads start rolling in!

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