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Our latest insights, critiques and updates about the state of design.

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Custom Web Design & Development Blog: Design

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Our latest insights, critiques and updates about the state of design.


Our latest insights, critiques and updates about the state of design.

Modular Web Design: The Age Of “Templates” is Over

by Pete January 23, 2017

Updated September 30, 2021

This post was originally published back in 2017, when modular web design was in its infancy. Since then, it's continued to evolve. Today, more and more CMS providers have finally embraced the idea of modular design techniques. However, many are executing it in ways that don't necessarily live up to the idea of...

Is the Era of "Creative Web Design" Over?

by Pete February 5, 2021

Warning: This is an editorial post…! This isn't the first post I've written proclaiming that an era has ended. A few years ago, I declared that the age of "templates" is over and instead argued that they were now being replaced by modular editing capabilities. For the most part, I think I...

What is Custom Web Design?

by Pete October 2, 2019

You may be asking yourself why I am dedicating a post to such a basic question. After all, custom web design and custom web development are our primary offerings at our agency, and we do mention them often in our blog. The evolution of the digital services space has muddied the waters somewhat, making it hard for...

The Web Design Debate: Mobile-First or Desktop-First?

by Pete February 11, 2019

This week, I want to focus on something that comes up all-too-often on calls I have with potential customers. It’s the idea of mobile-first web design. I’ve heard this from so many prospects, which is something that I consider somewhat shocking. I think what bothers me the most about this is that the noise for so...

7 Things to Remember When Planning a Website Redesign

by Pete July 31, 2018

Having worked since 2001 on planning, designing and building out digital redesign projects, I can typically see whether a project will ultimately be successful or run into turbulence based on the planning and preparedness of the client or project team (and, in some cases, the agency doing the work as well). Website redesign...

Design and Front-End Development: A Perfect Marriage?

by Pete April 23, 2018

I got into a spirited discussion on Twitter with some designers this weekend. I don’t know why, as I don’t often get sucked into Twitter debates, but the topic at hand was of interest. As we went back and forth, it dawned on me that it may be of interest to our clients as well. Basically, the argument...


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