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Archives from the NPG Blog: August, 2015

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August 2015: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Archives from the NPG Blog: August, 2015

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Optimize, Personalize, Visualize: How To Increase Mobile Conversions On Your Site

by Jessica August 27, 2015

As mobile browsing increasingly becomes the preferred method to find information, being able to convert visitors into paying customers is a challenge you can't ignore. The biggest hurdle is the customer expectation of being able to do things faster on a mobile device than a desktop. And considering most...

Drupal vs. WordPress: Which One Is Right For Your Business Website?

by Avram August 26, 2015

Both Drupal and WordPress are content management systems (CMSs) that provide a number of common features for developers, designers, and users alike. Drupal's origins are in turn-of-the-century message board site, but it has always valued flexibility and extensibility as a community of developers experimented with...

6 Signs You Should Fire Your Current Digital Agency

by Pete August 25, 2015

Marketing your business and building a brand online takes a lot of work, and it’s important to have the right partners to help you along the way. When you decide to employ the services of a digital agency , there are certain expectations with which both sides enter the relationship. But not all digital...

How to Develop Your Startup Idea: A Basic Beginner’s Roadmap

by Pete August 20, 2015

You've probably heard plenty of advice from outsiders on how to develop your startup idea, even if there probably isn't any one guide that's 100% accurate. Every industry is different, so what one person says may not work for you—that’s a given. This isn't to say you shouldn't...

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business: Making Your Future Customers Feel Important

by Jessica August 19, 2015

Getting your company’s name out there only gets harder as the competition in your industry grows. No matter how unique your small business is, it's almost assured that someone else locally, nationally, or even globally is doing the same thing. While this is beneficial for the global economy, it makes trying...

Why Website Maintenance Services Matter Once Your New Website Is Launched

by Kris August 18, 2015

It's amazing how many digital agencies don't offer  website maintenance services  after they design a site for someone. Many of them possibly don't because they consider it a separate service from the work involved creating a well-designed site. But that philosophy is utterly wrong. How well...


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