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WordPress is limited in how it can truly accelerate the growth objectives of your company.

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5 Real Signs That Show Your Business Has Outgrown WordPress

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5 Real Signs That Show Your Business Has Outgrown WordPress
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WordPress is a great option for companies seeking to easily create a website to start increasing their web presence online. Simply starting out as a blogging platform, WordPress indeed houses millions of website content for entrepreneurs and large businesses. It’s the most popular content management system on the market and certainly meets the needs for most business owners. 

However, it’s not the best long-term CMS solution that will expand alongside your business. You see, WordPress is limited in how it can truly accelerate the growth objectives of your company. Your business may be in a position where its literally outgrown WordPress…and requires an advanced CMS option to fulfill the needs of your growing company. Check out these five scenarios and see if any fit your situation:

1. You’re seeking a more customized look and solution that represents your unique brand.

There is much of the same going around with WordPress sites. Although there are seemingly thousands of themes to choose from, most of these platforms are alike with different colors, logos, and fonts. The key to separating your company from the masses is having a custom web presence that exudes your brand and the vision of your organization. WordPress and other “cookie-cutter” CMS platforms won’t do this for you. If your goal is to create a website in alignment with your brand and business objectives, a custom CMS platform is the answer!

2. The viruses or hackers have hit you…more than once!

It’s no secret that WordPress is more vulnerable to viruses than any CMS platform. Hackers have a ball planting these bugs on WordPress sites and plugins because it's the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, powering more than 24% of the web! Simply put, there are more websites to access, making it easy for hackers to do their thing. 

Being hacked or dealing with viruses is a headache, especially when it halts business revenue and lead generation. Every minute that you’re offline working to resolve the issue, you’re losing money. If this has happened more than once to your site, a different solution is needed if you desire site stability.

3. Your content has become highly sensitive, requiring stronger security.

Perhaps you’ve added a membership page to your site, giving clients the ability to log in and access information which may also include their personal details. Or your website is holding more data that is highly sensitive and you’re looking for better safeguard measures to protect your content from security breaches. Your concerns are valid if you own a WordPress site. Having a custom CMS offers unparalleled security that ensures your site will not be targeted!

4. Your business is growing and so is your website traffic.

Congratulations! Your hard work and due diligence have paid off and you’re experiencing a growth in your brand's influence and following. So now you have this surge in website traffic, yet your WordPress site is slow in performance because it’s not built to handle large volumes of content and traffic. Heavy plugins and crowded databases create slow page load speeds which could be a huge turn-off, especially for new website visitors. As your company grows, you need a strong website that will grow with it and meet rising demands. WordPress is not the optimal choice for this scenario.

5. The constant updates interfere with your plugin functionalities, possibly screwing up the user experience.

WordPress prides itself on performing automatic updates and upgrades without owners having to do anything.  However, have you ever experienced your plugins not working properly or not at all after your update completes? This is an all too common situation with updates interrupting the flow of plugins operating correctly. It could create a frustrating user experience if they want to engage with your content. Although technical difficulties can occur and most people understand them, the inconsistency in your websites performance does speak about your brand. Choose a custom CMS solution that professionally represents your business and creates lasting impressions.

Do any of these signs resonate with your business? If so, it’s time to embrace a custom platform that is built for longevity, supports your growing business goals, gives your customers a cutting-edge website experience and uniquely separates you from competitors.

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