6 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website Content

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013To succeed with inbound marketing, you need to know your potential customers well and consistently deliver great content that will be novel, shareable, and useful.

6 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website Content

6 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website ContentNew Possibilities Group6 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website Content2015-04-086 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website ContentMarketing
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6 Great Ways To Pull Visitors In With Your Website Content

Our previous post on the inbound marketing revolution gave you an introduction to this effective and elegant approach obtaining and retaining customers. Today, we’re going to hone in on the first—and arguably most important—element of the inbound marketing methodology: attracting customers and pulling them in.

The cultivation of indispensable content is what separates true inbound marketing from the kind of “shouting” that advertisers have often engaged in both online and off. It presents you as a credible and genuinely helpful resource so users won’t feel you are simply “talking at” them. To get there, though, your content needs to motivate prospects on their own terms so they'll grant you permission to contact them in the future.

Amplify Your Message

To get the most from marketing your content, you have to be willing to share some of your expertise—even at the risk of revealing that your services won’t be right for everyone. By taking steps to help your content rise above the clutter, you’ll show your expertise and help users solve problems.

Have A Cohesive SEO Strategy

Every post should be connected to your SEO strategy. When users land on a page through a search, one of the first things they skim for is the presence of their search keywords. Artfully inserting related keywords into posts helps search engines recognize your site’s credibility and drives the organic discovery of your business.

Make Content Shareable

A post is considered “social-friendly” when someone who just got it from a friend can understand its core message and usefulness without having to be familiar with the site overall. Every post should have a role to play in developing the social clout you need. Ensuring that social sharing buttons are accessible (but not intrusive!) is crucial. As users grow more engaged with your brand, they are more likely to share your posts.

Engage Your Followers

When new content is posted on your site, it’s time to celebrate with a tweet or Facebook post. But you don’t want to let the conversation become one-sided or you’ll risk sounding like yet another insincere brand blindly demanding attention. To be authentic, you should engage directly in conversation with users and present solutions based on your existing content.

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Initially, you should start your marketing efforts with posts and offers that cover the “basics” of your industry. To successfully evolve and grow as a brand, you should develop content based on follower/customer feedback and analytics. Not only will it position your information as valuable, but it also shows that you’re a business committed to catering to your customers’ interests and needs. Keep up with industry news as well—while a subject may have been covered before, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on it as a company.

Go Beyond The Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is essential for motivating people to take the next step in conversion, usually subscribing to your mailing list or blog. However, not all users will be ready to take this step right away. By continuing to produce valuable content, you’ll begin the process of establishing yourself in a lead’s mind as a reliable and trustworthy resource.  Then, through repeated exposure, they will be more likely to become your customer.

Pointed, high-quality content is the first step to developing trust and reaping enormous benefits from your inbound marketing efforts. The sooner you get started, the more powerful it will be—and the yields will grow every day!

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