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3 trends we believe to be crucial in the app development market this year and beyond.

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3 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Know This Year

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3 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Know This Year
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The process and industry of mobile app development is never stagnant. Changing user behavior and technology advances mean that if you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business, you better know where the market is going.

Below are 3 trends we believe to be crucial in the app development market this year and beyond.

1) The Importance of App Security

In 2014, a much-cited study by the research firm Gartner stated that in 2015, no less than 75% of all mobile apps would fail basic security requirements. That's a shocking number, but one that did not slow down the continuously growing prominence of mobile apps in our everyday lives last year.

But increasingly, even basic internet users are becoming aware of digital security risks. Blame it on popular news stories about celebrity and credit card hacks, or simply the increasing awareness that the data of every user is stored somewhere - it will make a difference in your app development now and in the future.

Put simply, as app security is becoming a mainstream topic, you do not want to get into the headlines for security breaches or other issues. New apps developed in 2016 and beyond need to be secure in order to be successful. In fact, communicating that security can actually give you the edge over competitors, whose apps may not be as safe.

2) Integration with IoT

If you've read any reports from the world's largest technology conference CES you already know: the internet of things is real, and it's close to entering mainstream. Whether we're talking about a smart car or a refrigerator automatically re-ordering food, companies increasingly focus on smart devices connected to the internet to improve user experiences.

But how do you manage all of these smart devices? After all, smart devices exist in the interest of convenience, and you don't want to have to go to your fridge when activating your home security system. As more devices in your home become connected to the internet, you need a central 'hub' device to streamline their operations.

The most natural choice for that hub, of course, is your phone. As the internet of things begins to enter mainstream, your smart phone will become increasingly important in managing its operations. As a result, your new mobile app should not miss the opportunity to connect with related smart devices where possible.

3) Beacon Technology

What if you walked past a retail store, and suddenly your phone buzzes with a push notification about a current sale in that store? What seemed like science fiction only a few years ago is now a reality, thanks to Beacon Technology. It began with Apple's iBeacon in late 2013, and is not beginning to enter the market on a large scale yet.

The concept is relatively simple. You install a 'beacon' transmitter in your storefront (or wherever you want to reach your audience), and it will send a Bluetooth signal to nearby audience members who happen to have your app installed with the message you would like to relay to them. Marketers are just beginning to explore the near endless possibilities of this technology.

Because you can communicate directly to apps, the process is non-intrusive as only those interested enough to install your app will receive your notifications. Of course, that means your app should be ready to implement Beacon technology, which is what makes this such an important mobile app development trend.

Of course, these are just a few of the many mobile app development trends awaiting us. To learn more about these trends, and how to develop or adjust your app to account for these new functionalities, read more here!


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