Mobile Application ADA Compliance and Accessibility Audits

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013Our team of accessibility professionals are experienced in providing accessibility audits for mobile applications to ensure ADA compliance.

ADA Mobile Application Compliance & Accessibility Audits

The American's with Disabilities Act must be considered when developing mobile applications. Our audit services will study your application and make recommendations for remediation.

What We Test

Our team is experienced in testing native mobile applications and evaluating how their functionality compares against the requirements set forth by the Web Accessibility Initiative WCAG 2.1 Succes Criteria. This includes applications built utilizing Android and iOS specifically.

Assessment Criteria

When conducting audits, we will test against the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. Industry experts assess that as much as 90% of the guidelines are applicable to mobile applications. Our team can also assess your mobile application in relation to any relevant mobile web best practices.

In addition, our audits will also cover the iOS and Android guidelines for best practices and how your application works within the requirements of these guidelines.

Test Methodology

Our audits are conducted with our accessibility team, which consists of experts with years of relevant experience. Specific techniques include:

  • Human Analysis: Because there are not many automated tools available for this purpose, our team will identify and examine each part of your application, diagnose any problems they may detect and relay any recommendations on possible resolutions.
  • Device-Specific Assistive Technology: Our team will ensure accessibility under realistic user conditions by utilizing popular assistive technology solutions to identify any issues.
  • UI/UX Review: Our UI/UX experts will look for any design issues that may be present including sizing, spacing, and color contrast issues, and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Keyboard Accessories: Screen reader users may utilize a keyboard via Bluetooth or similar. We will test for this use-case.

Our Findings Report

Our findings report consists of the components, detailed to your application in particular.

  • Situation Analysis: We will identify the various issues that are present, cite relevant criteria, and provide an outline of the issue in particular and how it impacts accessibility.
  • Recommendations: Our suggestions for remediation of each identified issue will be presented.
  • Severity Scale: We will rate each issue from minor to catastrophic.
  • Prevalence: We will review how many times each issue recurs throughout the application.
  • Test Method: How you can reproduce these issues on your own to aid in the development of fixes and subsequent testing.


Our team will present our findings via a screen share demonstration and workshop. Each audit comes with an allowance for follow-up questions for 30 days post-delivery.