SAAS Development Services: Software as a Service Development

Our experienced SAAS development team has built many SAAS platforms utilizing the latest technologies.

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SAAS Development Services

SAAS Development Services: Software as a Service Development

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Our experienced SAAS development team has built many SAAS platforms utilizing the latest technologies.

SaaS Development Services

Distributing your software as a service (SaaS) enables easier version control, deployment and best of all a recurring income stream. Have an idea for a new SaaS product? Let's talk about how we can help.

Looking for new revenue models?

If you already have a software package you distribute, or have an idea for a new business, Software as a Service (SaaS) could redefine your business. In the past, software was distributed as a download or installable program. Updates meant the client or user would have to install new patches. Support was a nightmare - every install could potentially be different. And don't even get started with all of the operating systems you'd have to test on!

Today software can be run virtually, or on the "cloud", enabling software developers to easily update their source code without huge deployments or required end-user updates. And, from a business perspective, SaaS platforms are an excellent source of recurring revenue, with high levels of user renewal due to the fact that the product is the platform. The more time a customer invests into your software, the higher the chances they will stay as a customer.

How do you start a SaaS development project?

Any SaaS development project has to begin with a concept and a plan. The centerpiece is of course the software package itself. What problem does this product solve? Who does the product serve? What is the special ingredient that will define success?

We encourage potential clients to pursue a discovery session to help define what the product is, and how it can best be built. Discovery results in a thorough specification from which a project can be defined. Without this, it is impossible to get a sense of the entire project.

Components of a SaaS Product

A SaaS product consists of many moving parts:

The software package itself: This is the actual product that performs the functions required to serve the customer. What this product is, and how it works, will ultimately differ for each project. Proper definition and specifications will enable this section of the site to be built not only properly but also with a phased approach that includes plans for the future.

Front-end Informational Site & Sales Platform: Often overlooked, but the informational site used to market and sell the software is a major component of any SaaS Development project. Special care has to be taken to make sure the front-end SaaS site targets the proper buyer personas, has the correct content areas and progresses the user to the free trial or other foot-in-the-door offer.

Account Management & Subscription Suite: You want to get paid, right? The front-end site ultimately must connect to an account system to signup the new users and process payment options. In addition, on an ongoing basis, users must be able to edit and update account information.  A key part of this will be the processing of transactions on an annual or monthly basis, in a secure fashion.

Our SaaS Development Services

Our goal is to develop an end-to-end solution that incorporates all of the necessary pieces of the SaaS puzzle: the product, the sales site, and the account management portion. When built correctly, all three can integrate seamlessly into one platform. By doing so, all systems will be combined into a single piece of software, as opposed to being spread out into many different platforms.

How To Get Started

It's easy! Any complex SaaS Development Project must start with a discovery session where we will define the specification, and deliver a finalized project plan. This will include your front-end website, the product itself and monetization plans.

From there, we will propose a technology solution to power the platform. This can utilize any set of technologies, which we will recommend as part of the discovery.

If approved, we will begin in a phased and structured way to develop your application!

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