NPG Web Application Framework

We have an easy-to-use, extensible development framework that is a great fit for most web development projects.

When building a custom web solution, you need a framework that is easy-to-learn, highly scalable, and totally secure.

We've got you covered!


  • The NPG Web Application Framework is written in PHP using Smarty templates. We can get you up and running in no time.
  • You can take it with you! Functions are clearly documented and easy-to-learn by any PHP developer
  • Uber usable: the NPG Framework's content management system (CMS) hides nothing. Any tools can be reached directly from the admin homepage. And the admin area is fully mobile-friendly and responsive!


  • We can get simple sites or prototypes up and running within weeks. It's easy to extend and add more functionality later!
  • Sites and applications built on the NPG Web Application Framework can easily handle heavy traffic. 
  • Need even more out of your site? We can build using MongoDB or other NoSQL databases

Totally Secure

  • On the NPG Framework, your site is much less vulnerable. Custom coding means that our sites lack the easily found and exploited security holes of popular platforms like Wordpress
  • Never been hacked in 14 years! Multiple generations of sites run on the NPG Framework. We've never been compromised.
If you see it on the web, we can build it for you .  Contact us for more information!

If you see it on the web, we can build it for you .  Contact us for more information!

We're happy to help!

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