Custom Web Development

The Logic Behind the world's most popular sites is often a custom solution.

The most popular sites you use every day to pay your bills, purchase items, or consume content are often custom built applications.  Our team of expert web developers can create your custom website from the ground up, exactly as you envisioned it and like no one else on the web.

Why custom build your website?

For a variety of reasons. Off-the-shelf software has many practical uses, but if your site will utilize complex e-commerce, sophisticated subscription models, requires comprehensive user databases or community features, then custom built may be the right pathway for you.  

Here are examples of past custom-built applications we have built:

  • Community site with video sharing;
  • Job matching system with complex algorithm;
  • Dating/Matching site with complex user quizzes for ranking and matching;
  • Visualization engine for Twitter sentiment data;
  • Lead management systems utilizing API connectivity;
  • Crowdsourced fundraising applications;
  • Advanced registration systems with e-commerce;
  • Enterprise level content management systems with multi site and many administrators;
  • Custom publishing systems for video and interactive content.

And that is just the start of what we've done!

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Getting Started

How do you get started with a custom built website?  First, assemble a specification.  How does your project work?  What does the site do?  What types of users will it target?  What will their session look like?

To ease your transition into website architect, we've assembled a series of blog posts that can help you better understand how to create a specification:

And, if you need a little help, we provide website discovery as a service.  Find out more!

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If you see it on the web, we can build it for you .  Contact us for more information!

If you see it on the web, we can build it for you .  Contact us for more information!

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