New Jersey's Premier Digital Agency: Clifton, NJ Website Design & Development

Our agency has been crafting custom, sophisticated digital experiences since 2001, all from our Northern New Jersey offices.

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New Possibilities Group, LLC

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Clifton, NJ 07013
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New Jersey's Premier Digital Agency: Clifton, NJ Website Design & DevelopmentNPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Our agency has been crafting custom, sophisticated digital experiences since 2001, all from our Northern New Jersey offices.

Custom Web Design: Made in New Jersey

We’ve been in northern New Jersey since 2001. Find out more about our New Jersey Operations.

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Custom Web Design: Made in New Jersey

What New Jersey Makes, The World Takes

Since 2001, our team has worked from Northern New Jersey crafting advanced, sophisticated digital experiences for customers all over the world.

What does an agency based in New Jersey mean for a client?

Well, it means good ole' New Jersey values: Honesty, integrity, and of course diversity! These qualities drive our approach to every project we work on.

Our New Jersey Based Service Offerings

Website Planning & Architecture

All projects need proper planning. Without planning, clients are at risk of project failures, budget overruns or schedules being shot to... well, you know.

Our NJ-based software architects and website designers work with every customer to properly plan their project. This means sitting down, developing goals, objectives and defining what success looks like. Then, and only then, do we start to recommend solutions.

Find out more about our planning and architecture services here.

Custom Website Design

So many "design agencies" can't actually design anything. Our team is different. We design each project from the ground up, based on your feedback and preferences.

How does it work?

Quite simply. Clients meet with our team and provide us with their inspirations and preferences. Our design team then works to design custom mock-ups, from which a client can choose their favorite rendition. From there, it's all about revising and repeating until final approval is achieved.

Throughout this iteration and interaction with the client, we focus on making sure best practices are followed, in conjunction with your desired look and fee.

Custom Web Development

Custom website development isn't about taking some theme off-the-shelf and throwing it into WordPress or some other system. It's the development of solutions, using a variety of technologies, to client's problems or frustrations. Our team can architect, build, and iterate sophisticated software solutions, or implement your custom website design into some of the most popular content management systems available.

Find out more about our custom web development services!

Website Maintenance & Support

A website or software application never really finishes, per se. It continues on and requires continuous improvements and revisions. Our NJ-based team can help you, providing support services and ongoing improvements.

With service offerings ranging from 24/7/365 uptime support to marketing services, and even ongoing retained-services agreements, our team can aid and assist as you continue to lean on your website or application to drive your business's day-to-day operations.

Our New Jersey Client Success Stories

Our local clients make us proud, providing their services not just locally but around the country and the world as well.

Auto France

Auto France Website Design & Development

Auto France, based in Rutherford, NJ, is a North American partner for the Peugeot long-term car rental program in France. NPG worked with Auto France to custom design their website and reservation engine, and custom develop their back-end portal which allows them to run their business day-to-day.

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Public Plan IQ

Public Plan IQ is a SAAS-based subscription system that allows financial institutions and investors to research publicly-available information with relation to investment instruments. NPG worked with PPIQ to design, develop, and maintain their website, database, and back-end management portal with custom software.

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Insure Your Company Website provides services that helps business owners find the right kinds of insurance for their companies. Specializing in the tech industry, they take a hands-on approach to both getting businesses the proper coverage and educating...

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