Custom E-Commerce Development Services

E-Commerce isn't always as simple as a shopping cart and a check-out. Truly unique experiences need to be custom built as a commerce application.

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Custom E-Commerce Development ServicesNPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009E-Commerce isn't always as simple as a shopping cart and a check-out. Truly unique experiences need to be custom built as a commerce application.

Custom E-Commerce Development Services

E-commerce is more than just a shopping cart and a check-out. For complex use-cases, NP Group has custom-developed comprehensive, scalable and secure solutions.

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Custom E-Commerce Development Services

The NP Group specializes in custom e-commerce development for sophisticated commerce applications. While many think of e-commerce as a catalog, shopping cart and traditional check-out process, e-commerce can take on many shapes and styles. Complex products, bespoke transaction types and specialized inventory management and fulfillment lead the world's biggest brands to custom e-commerce applications.

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Special Considerations for Your Commerce Application

Custom e-commerce application development follows a similar script to other types of web development projects. However, there are a few more considerations that must be contemplated:

  • Inventory Management:
    E-commerce can include 1 product or 1 million. Each with it's own variables, versions or combinations. Custom applications can be built to either manage this challenge locally, or integrate to in-house inventory systems.
  • User Experience:
    E-commerce requires clean, concise user experiences that focus on easy navigation, effective searching and browsing and seamless execution of transactions.
  • Transactions:
    Transactions require many considerations. How are payments processed? How is inventory updated? How are notifications managed? These, plus a multitude of other factors, constitute an e-commerce transaction.
  • Order Fulfillment:
    Custom systems can manage the entire process of order fulfillment, or be built to integrate seamlessly to custom or licensed systems utilized throughout the enterprise.
  • Reporting:
    Reporting need not be complex. One of the benefits of a custom approach is your ability, as the client, to dictate what reports are of most value to you.
  • Scaling & Redundancy:
    An e-commerce app must be a few things. Safe, secure, redundant and scalable are key components of a successful and trustworthy commerce application.

Post Deployment?

Our team is available to help you manage, secure and improve your platform on a day-to-day basis. See more about our retained services agreements, 24/7/365 support and our security services.

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Case Studies

National Storage Affiliates Website Screenshot

National Storage Affiliates

Self-storage is a highly competitive industry where speed and ease of navigation makes all the difference in the world. Storage companies utilize a host of third-party tools and software packages to run succesfully. However, the best user-facing website is a custom approach that utilizes direct connections, merging these tools together - on the fly.

Arizona Custom Knives

Arizona Custom Knives

A unique consignment model, merged with timeliness of unique collectible items, combined with timed releases requiring high availability all were best served with a custom web development approach.

Auto France Website Screenshot

Auto France

Long-term auto rentals are complicated. Different rates for different days, different pick up and drop off rates, taxes, and don't forget currency conversion. This business has been powered by a custom developed commerce site since 2012.

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JCC Digital Co-Op Website Screenshot

JCC Digital Co-Op

Jewish Community Centers may not seem like a commerce-centric project - but countless members sign up for membership, classes and activities via a custom WordPress site that seamlessly integrates with third-party CRM and payment gateways. The JCC Co-Op now includes almost 20 sites working with many different third-party commerce integrations.

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