Using Videos For B2B Lead Nurturing: The Best Approaches For Showcasing Product Value

By Jessica Gonzalez

Using Videos For B2B Lead Nurturing: The Best Approaches For Showcasing Product ValueNew Possibilities Group

Using videos for B2B lead nurturing might be on your agenda this year after already finding success using video to create company awareness. Videos need to be aligned with every part of your marketing funnel from the awareness stage to nurturing loyal customers into the future. The lead generation part of your funnel helps leads make a better-educated decision on what the true value of your business is.

While you've perhaps created videos to make people aware of your business, what kind of videos should you create next to help give proof you're different from your competitors?

You've probably already created teasers, explainer videos, and other previews to entice people. Now it's time to create video content with real substance that educates as well as entertains.

Since most B2B buyers research thoroughly before deciding to buy, you can give them what they're looking for in video content that's targeted just for them.

In these videos, you'll provide proof of your worth by yourself, or through other people who vouch for your service and products.

Recorded Webinars

No doubt you've held plenty of webinars to attract buyers offline. Capturing a webinar on video is always essential, though how you present it online can become a challenge. You have the dichotomy of having to present videos in short formats, yet your live event maybe lasted more than an hour.

In this case, you should break your videos into a series so leads can absorb them incrementally. Re-purposing into other media formats also works, though webinars have visual product demonstrations you'll want to showcase.

Since live seminars usually have different things occurring, you can save up other parts of your video series for later when you're going for conversions. Regardless, many B2B videos reserved for closing deals can get used in the lead nurturing phase.

Doing Interviews with Employees or Customers

It's here where you can cross over into creating a video that's frequently used to convert buyers. In this case, it's customer testimonials, even though it's possible to create a variation.

Interviews are different from testimonials and can help your buyers get a better idea of the people behind your company. Doing interviews with customers demonstrates what your demographic is and what you've done for them.

During employee interviews, you'll let viewers in on who does what behind the scenes. When you let your employees speak freely for themselves in interviews, you prove you're not forcing them to adhere to a stilted script. Buyers can easily scope out what's sincere and what's being read off a teleprompter, so let your interviews be honest.

Case Studies

Some wait to do case study videos until the conversion process, but why wait? When you're doing lead nurturing, it pays to prove why you stand out from all your myriad competitors. Case studies set the evidence in stone that your products stand out from the pack, even if you have minor differences.

Doing this in a video format is better because you can backup sources, which gets helped along if you interview those who conducted the studies. Make sure you give web source links to any study claims you make so leads can look up the information themselves. They will anyway since research is part of the process for them.

To continue your interviews, consider interviewing industry influencers who back you up through testimonials or their own case studies. Presenting those with clout in your videos helps give a layer of legitimacy to your business that others may not have.


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