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Future-Proofing Your Web ContentFuture-Proofing Your Web Content

Future-Proofing Your Web Content

PeteSeptember 29, 2017

One of the many concerns that companies face when undergoing a content management system evaluation or conversion is the concept of future-proofing their content. This is especially a concern to those who publish content as a primary source of their business, such as news sites or other publications. If you’ve...

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Beware of “Trendy” Software ChoicesBeware of “Trendy” Software Choices

Beware of “Trendy” Software Choices

PeteSeptember 22, 2017

When I started as a web developer back in 1998 (insert old man groan here), the technology available to us was limited. Most scripting was happening via CGI. Over time, other technologies became more mainstream, such as PHP, Linux, and Apache. On the front-end side of things, there wasn’t much to choose from. HTML...

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Is CaaS Ready for Prime Time?Is CaaS Ready for Prime Time?

Is CaaS Ready for Prime Time?

PeteSeptember 15, 2017

One of the latest emerging technologies in the content management space is the concept of Content as a Service, or CaaS. Much like SaaS (an acronym we are all familiar with), CaaS providers offer hosted solutions aimed at making content management something you can offload to a third party. In fact, you may have already...

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When to Integrate Third-Party Software into Your CMSWhen to Integrate Third-Party Software into Your CMS

When to Integrate Third-Party Software into Your CMS

PeteSeptember 8, 2017

I get asked the same one question by almost every prospect I speak with: “You don’t really build a whole CMS project from scratch, do you? Surely you must use some software somewhere?” The truth is, yes, there is almost always some third-party software that we integrate into our CMS projects....

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The Technology-Agnostic CMSThe Technology-Agnostic CMS

The Technology-Agnostic CMS

PeteSeptember 1, 2017

We’ve spoken a lot on this blog about the benefits of custom CMS platforms compared to off-the-shelf software packages, mostly in top-level terms. Typically, the benefits we cover are longevity, ownership, security, and flexibility. But digging deeper into these items, we can find even more nuanced arguments for...

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