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Archives from the NPG Blog: March, 2017

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March 2017: Custom Web Design & Development Blog

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013Archives from the NPG Blog: March, 2017

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5 Things a Custom CMS Can Do Besides Power Your Website

by Pete March 31, 2017

All too often, we confuse the concept of what a content management system (CMS) really is. Most of the time, we pigeonhole the CMS to be a piece of software with one sole capability: website management. This is probably because of the growth and advocacy of the larger CMS industry. Software manufacturers and open-source...

Why More and More Corporations Are Choosing to Build a Custom CMS

by Pete March 24, 2017

This week, I’m going to take you back in time. I suspect this post will be more of a sermon than a technically detailed post, so bear with me. As we all know, the web content management industry is taking what appears to be a subtle U-turn. Back in the early days of the Internet (which I’ll define in...

How To Secure a Coupled Content Management System

by Pete March 17, 2017

One of the most important parts of our web content management system (WCMS) methodology is our focus on security. Sadly, security is often an afterthought for many enterprises as they decide what CMS platform to install for their corporate web presence. Given all of the recent news stories about targeted hacking,...

What is Your Best Option for a True Content-First CMS Platform?

by Pete March 10, 2017

One would think that if a piece of software is labeled as a “content management system,” the focus of the system would always be the actual content. After all, if CMS systems didn’t do a spectacular job with the creation and management of content, could they really be called content management systems?...

Understanding the Difference Between Development Frameworks and CMS Platforms

by Pete March 3, 2017

Undertaking a web development project is a complicated process. Many of our potential clients are overwhelmed by the various technologies, acronyms, and buzzwords floating around the industry today—and we don’t blame them. One of the most common debates in web development today is the use of development...


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