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Credible website design helps you to stand out and to create trust in prospective and loyal customers.

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Credible Website Design: Ways To Bring More Trust To Your Brand

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Credible Website Design: Ways To Bring More Trust To Your Brand
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Credibility is everything, especially in a very crowded business universe. Scrutiny by customers is a given when you consider that more people have an awareness of quality and value. Plus, because so much competition exists in business now, there isn't always enough differentiation to make educated buying decisions.

Credible website design helps you to stand out and to create trust in prospective and loyal customers. This credibility element should occur on your website, just as it would if you were having a conversation with someone.

One important thing to remember about web design is you should never cut corners on adding strong branding. Integrating information and branding touches helps you carve out a more unique identity for yourself.

Visitors will instantly decide how they feel about your site and if they want to stay on it. Anything that denotes being overly generic or lacking creativity is easily scoped out by prospective customers.

Below are some design elements you can add to your site to begin to build the trust and credibility you need to move prospective customers to loyal customers.

Your "About" Page

First-time visitors to websites frequently want to learn about you as quickly as possible. Even though "About" pages are standard, they're an essential way to tell people who you are. However, you don't have to format it with boring text. Try to exhibit some creativity to make it more interesting to read.

Many web design analysts point to companies like Moz that created an "About" page with a timeline using pictures and captions. Some businesses just use chronological photos to tell a story about who they are. You can do this by showing pictures inside your company rather than using an obligatory exterior shot.

Don't forget to allow visitors to learn about your employees. To keep the page from being overcrowded, show their pictures, names, and titles, then provide outside links to give more detailed bios about their backgrounds.

Your Contact Information

Many websites forget to include thorough contact information, perhaps because they think all communication occurs online. This isn't true, because many people prefer to communicate over the phone or even in person.

You give legitimacy to your business when you include thorough contact information because it proves you're not hiding anything. Be sure to include a phone number (including multiple numbers if you have different departments), a map of where you're located, and an email address.

It doesn't hurt to include a live chat window as well for questions. This gives more transparency and opens up real-time communication for an immediate personal connection.

Testimonials and Reviews

Consumers frequently take action based on whether notable people think something is worthwhile. If you have valuable testimonials from maybe famous customers (or at least real people), don't hesitate to post them on your site's main page.

Be sure to include their pictures and their real names so you prove validity. Posting video testimonials is more powerful, especially if the participants mention how you helped solved a major problem for them with your products.

Providing a List of Clients or Partners

Who you associate with brings more trust and credibility, since visitors can tell which business directions you're aiming for in the future. If you're a B2B business, the clients you've provided products or services for can open the door to more confidence as another form of testimonial.

Provide a page showing the clients you've worked for, and who your business partners are. Receiving funding from notable companies gives immediate credibility. Regardless, your client list gives you ample opportunity to showcase projects and products you've designed or offered in the past.

All on one page, you'll be able to prove credibility in the products or services you provide as a true method of differentiation.


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