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Blog posts relating to internet accessibility including ADA compliance.

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Custom Web Design & Development Blog: Accessibility

NPG1033 Route 46 East, Suite 107 Clifton, NJ 07013Blog posts relating to internet accessibility including ADA compliance.


Blog posts relating to internet accessibility including ADA compliance.

What is WCAG 3.0?

by Avram February 9, 2021

At our agency, we try to do our part to help make the web a more accessible place . But there are aspects of the ADA-dependent, litigation-fueled environment that has shaped U.S. web accessibility that we take issue with . We tend to shy away from public policy punditry, so we don’t usually write on this topic. That...

5000 Reasons to Consider ADA Compliance: The Disabled Access Tax Credit

by Avram January 8, 2021

In the past, we have addressed many of the important reasons to take website accessibility seriously. There are compelling moral reasons to make sure that all users have equal access to your site's information and functionality, as well as a business case for accommodating what can be a significant portion of your...

3 Key Things to Look Out for During an ADA Compliance Audit

by Jessica June 12, 2018

Updated March 26, 2021 The phrase “ADA compliance” has been echoing through the halls of the Internet for quite some time. At this point, it’s something that all businesses and website managers should at least be aware of, if not actively addressing. And if you’re not, it’s time to get with...

Are Your Mobile Apps ADA Compliant? Adhering To Accessibility Regulations

by Kris May 3, 2016

Updated January 11, 2021 As mobile apps and the web have become an indispensable part of daily life, federal courts have interpreted the Americans With Disabilities Act as requiring all mobile apps to be fully accessible to people with disabilities. This was a just change considering 56 million disabled...

What To Do When You Receive An ADA Website Compliance Letter With Threats Of Litigation

by Jenna April 26, 2016

Recently, law firms have been sending out letters to business owners in all different industries and different states, citing an identification of access barriers from experts. These letters titled, “For Settlement Purposes Only,” may be misleading and cause unnecessary alarm. While there is a high likelihood...

Is Your B2B Website ADA Compliant? Here's Why It Matters

by Pete April 11, 2016

While designing and maintaining your website, you’ll likely have a variety of goals in mind. In 2016, a website should play an active part in your marketing efforts, from hosting valuable content to generating leads. But even the most thorough website plans don't often include the answer to a deceptively simple...


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