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Get insights on all of the latest digital trends from Avram, VP, Projects at NP Group.

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Custom Web Design & Development Blog: Posts by Avram

NPG882 Pompton Ave, Suite A-2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009Get insights on all of the latest digital trends from Avram, VP, Projects at NP Group.

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Posts by Avram

What is WCAG 3.0?

by Avram February 9, 2021

At our agency, we try to do our part to help make the web a more accessible place . But there are aspects of the ADA-dependent, litigation-fueled environment that has shaped U.S. web accessibility that we take issue with . We tend to shy away from public policy punditry, so we don’t usually write on this topic. That...

Lessons from the SolarWinds Hack

by Avram January 28, 2021

It seems as if this was a lifetime ago, but it's only been about a month since the massive SolarWinds hack, in which foreign intelligence service actors made it into all sorts of sensitive government systems. SolarWinds is a prominent and reputable (at least until now) server monitoring and security firm that...

5000 Reasons to Consider ADA Compliance: The Disabled Access Tax Credit

by Avram January 8, 2021

In the past, we have addressed many of the important reasons to take website accessibility seriously. There are compelling moral reasons to make sure that all users have equal access to your site's information and functionality, as well as a business case for accommodating what can be a significant portion of your...

Our Encounter with a Zero Day WordPress Vulnerability

by Avram October 12, 2017

In our discussions of custom CMS solutions and how they compare to off-the-shelf options like WordPress, we consistently run into the question of security. As the CMS with the largest market share, WordPress is a big target for hacks. Running your site on WordPress comes with a responsibility to run...

Working with Separate Design and Development Agencies When Building Your Website

by Avram August 10, 2017

Developing a custom content management solution allows you to unleash your creativity without the limitations of pre-fab, off-the-shelf software that can hem you in (or, at the very least, present obstacles that must be designed around). Teaming up with a partner that specializes in building such systems can truly...

With WordPress Security, You Don’t Have To Outrun The Bear

by Avram February 2, 2017

There’s an old joke: Two guys on a camping trip find themselves in the woods when they run into an angry bear. As the bear rears up on its hind legs, one of the men kneels down and starts lacing his sneakers tightly. His friend asks, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear.” He replies,...


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