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The NPGroup has been working with the folks at the Media Convergence Group since 2008 on their flagship product,  Newsy connects you with multiple perspectives to help provide the real story. Among the many projects since then, some highlights include: 

  • Complete development and management of a content management system meant to be used by hundreds of administrators with thousands of pieces of content;
  • Integration into the Ooyala backlot system for video hosting via API connectivity while using custom CMS functions thus lowering the usage of the Ooyala backlot by regular administrators;
  • Authoring of a comprehensive API to power Newsy Mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Blackberry;
  • Creation of a mobile-friendly website;
  • Web design in 2009 with a new redesign in 2012;
  • Creation of a video management system across many partners using XML, RSS, JSON and MRSS technology;
  • Maintenance and creation of a multi-server, cloud-based infrastructure including load-balanced, replicated MySQL, load-balanced Apache webservers and a complete development, staging and live environment.

And, that's only the start of it...  Check out for the most up to date and balanced new coverage around!

Newsy Mobile
Details coming soon. We swear! There is just so much client work going on, we are a bit behind...
Newsy Dashboard Control Panel

Newsy produces many different pieces of content per day, requiring a custom, multi-user environment to streamline the publishing process.  NPG designed and developed a management portal including:

  • Use of Twitter Bootstrap as a display engine;
  • Use of AJAX-heavy automated saving and retrieving of data;
  • Integration to Ooyala video platform;
  • Integration to Twitter for direct querying of trending topics;
  • Integration to Ooyala analytics


Newsy Video Platform integrated the Ooyala platform into their properties.  Our integration plan included:

  • Integration into the custom CMS and management portal;
  • Integration of flash/html5 players onto the site and mobile site;
  • Integration of Ooyala data into the API's and RSS feeds.
Newsy REST API has a complete API allowing partners and their mobile applications to access data within the Newsy framework.  This RESTful API allows access via a secure environment to all content on an on-demand basis.

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