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Welcome, Our Work, MediaMath

Mediamath runs the NPG framework and a customized CMS to enable their marketing team to control their US and UK websites without any previous technical knowledge.  Features include: 

  • Installation of NPGroup framework and custom CMS;
  • Complete content management system allowing change of all page content, slideshows and custom buckets on each page;
  • Integration to third party monitoring and marketing tools;
  • Development of a complete event system with invitation management controls;
  • Storage and exporting of all contact form inquiries;
  • Custom system for human resources including job listings and applications.
MediaMath Blog

We are pleased to present the MediaMath Blog!  Soon to be an industry-leading publication in the online advertising arena.  So what did we do with this project?  Well, we:

  • Designed a fully responsive layout, with different experiences for mobile, tablet and PC users;
  • Integrated to MediaMath's custom NPG-Powered CMS;
  • Deployed seamlessly from current website blog;

Check it out today, and then contact us so you can be part of the NPG Experience!

The New Marketing Institute is a learning center created by Mediamath as an educational portal into it's own products and the new generation of internet marketing in general.  Features include:

  • An installation of the NPGroup Framework & CMS;
  • Custom tools to control all content sitewide including flat content, slideshows and all buckets on all pages;
  • Ability to add events into a categorized system of courses;
  • Ability to add news/blog posts via custom developed tools.

Mediamath came to us with a five week target deadline.  Not a problem! 

MediaMath Organizational Chart

NPG produced this interactive organizational chart for internal Mediamath purposes.  It features a complete management system within their existing content management system, ability to change parent/child relationships, and management of teams, individuals and projects.

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