project: Maxifier
Welcome, Our Work, Maxifier

Maxifier produces software that allows website producers to optimize their internal advertising offerings.  IE - it helps you make more $!  Something so important deserves a proper website!  This project included:

  • NPGroup custom framework and CMS;
  • Tools to control all aspects of site content - slideshows, buckets, page content;
  • Management of HR: Job applications including resume upload, and management of applicants;
  • Event management;
  • Blog management;
  • Multi-site CMS: The ability to add additional sites and languages and control from one interface.

TechForDirect was an event in 2013 - NPG provided microsite design, development and deployment including an interactive signup form.

Maxifier Japan is the Japanese homepage for Maxifier.  NPG worked with Maxifier to install translated copy onto the site, and integrate into the existing custom CMS platform.

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